COINCIDENT M300B Frankenstein MK II BLOC MONO LA PAIRE superbe occasion Promo

COINCIDENT M300B Frankenstein MK II BLOC MONO LA PAIRE superbe occasion


superbe occasion . ampli bloc mono la paire 

tubes neufs - plus d'emballage .

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 Coincident is excited to introduce the MK.II version of the Frankensteins. Improvements include:

- Separate HT fuse which protects the amplifier in case of 300B tube failure.
- Enlarged power supply capacity- deeper, more impactful bass
- Improved voltage regulation- immune to AC voltage fluctuations
- Improved resistors and capacitors which results in greater revelation of low level detail and airier, more extended high frequencies
- Coincident Statement internal wiring which enhances purity and transparency.
- Upgraded output transformers with a flat frequency response from 10 hz- 30khz.

The Frankenstein MK II are even more transparent, with extended frequency range, enhanced dynamics, punchier, tighter bass and are absolutely dead silent.Perfect match with ultra high sensitivity speakers ( 100db or higher) due to the total absence of residual noise.

The M300B Frankenstein MK III mono amplifiers are now in stock. Built to the absolute highest standard -

-Triangular chassis constructed from high gauge stainless steel -mirror polished finish- maximum non resonant, highest rigidity and non magnetic
-All hardwired with Coincident Statement cable
-The finest 6N copper interstage (no coupling capacitor), output and power transformers
-Finest Teflon caps
-Massive all polyproylene power supply- no electrolytics
-Precise Auto biasing which maintains optimum operating bias as tubes age
-3 tube configuration (6EM7 input driver, 300B output, 5U4GB rectifier) for purest sonics
-Input and rectifier tubes are the best NOS American. Comes standard with the finest quality, tested and matched Psvane 300B tubes. Others available at special discount pricing.

These amps represent a sonic breakthrough. Their transparency and absence of an electronic sound set new standards. Mated to the appropriate speakers, they will prove to be a revelation. They easily drive every Coincident speaker model.

MK II Specifications-

Output Power: 8 watts RMS -(Triode) / SE Class A
Output Impedance: 8 ohms- Optimized for 8-16 ohms.
Frequency Response: 10hz - 20khz ±1db
T.H.D.: <1%, 20hz-20khz (Ref. Output)
Input Sensitivity: 700mv
Input Impedance: 100k ohm
S/N: >90db
Tubes: (6EM7×1, 300B ×1, 5U4GB ×1) / Channel
Power Requirement: AC 115v Or 230V - 50/60hz (User selectable on back panel)
Dimension: 15" W x 12" D x 8.5" H
Gross Weight: 19 Kgs- 41.8 lbs.
Net Weight: 17.5 Kgs - 38.5 lbs.

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