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trinnov altitude 32 - 8 canaux processeur audio video Agrandir

trinnov altitude 32 - 8 canaux processeur audio video

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  1. 32 Channel Digital Audio Processor
  2. Universal Spatial-Accurate 3D Audio playback
  3. Best-in-class Room Optimization fully integrated
  4. Superior multi-subwoofer management and 4-ways active crossovers calibration
  5. 118 digital and analog inputs and 80 audio outputs
  6. 8x HDMI Inputs, 2x HDMI Outputs
  7. User-friendly, self-explaining user interface
  8. Builtin WiFi & UPnP/DLNA Compliant Digital Media Renderer
  9. Wide choice of Remote Options


  1. LPCM Audio: 16-channels AES input compatible with Digital Cinema Servers
  2. 3D Audio Codecs (optional): Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and more to come…
  3. HD Audio Codecs: Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio
  4. HDMI 1.4b compliant digital audio with 3D video pass-through (HDMI 2.0 upgrade supported)
  5. UPnP/DLNA renderer: WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC up to 24 bits / 192 kHz


  1. Trinnov patented 2D/3D spatial remapping
  2. Trinnov Loudspeaker/Room Optimization
  3. Next Generation Hardware platform:
    1. Revolutionary architecture, scalable processing platform
    2. 64 bits floating point & 24 bits / 192 kHz native processing
    3. Future-proof software-oriented upgrades provided over internet, no DSP upgrade required
    4. Robust design, inspired from our professionnal audio product lines
  4. Trinnov high-performance AD/DA converters, used daily by the most demanding mastering studios


  1. Automatic Processing
    1. Multi-point acoustic measurement (Trinnov 3D measurement microphone)
    2. Time/Frequency acoustic analysis based on impulse response measurement
    3. Loudspeaker/Room optimization
    4. Target Curves
  2. Manual Processing
    1. Several layers of 31 bands Graphic EQ, FIR EQ, gains, polarity and delays available for every channel.
    2. Total delay given in meters/milliseconds/frames for the listening point and adjustable global delay for accurate Lip Sync
    3. Front / Surround / Top balance
  3. Comprehensive Processing latency control


  1. Adjustable High-pass / Low-pass editable by group or for individual satellite/sub
  2. Support for 0 to 32 subwoofers
  3. Automatic level, delay and phase alignment


  1. VNC Remote Control through the network from any smartphone, tablet or laptop
  2. Web-based responsive interface (Q2 2015)
  3. Automation via Telnet and RS232 protocols
  4. Crestron and Savant modules available
  5. Built-in Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi
  6. IR remote control included
  7. 12V Trigger in/out
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