> Chord Signature tuned aray DIN-XLR pair (Naim NAP300/500)

Chord Signature tuned aray DIN-XLR pair (Naim NAP300/500)


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Chord Signature Tuned Aray  din 4 broche ----) xlr   pour naim nap 300 ou 500


Le câble Chord Signature Tuned Aray utilise déjà des technologies développées pour la série très haut de gamme Chord  SARUM.


Conducteurs plaqués argent, isolants en PTFE, double écran de protection, des tolérances de réalisation extrêmement rigoureuses.


Les câbles Signature Tuned Aray libérent tout le potentiel musical d'un système, en offrant transparence, micro détails et dynamique.


Les Connecteurs RCA, DIN, XLR sont fabriqués avec une grande précision d'ajustement, les pertes d'insertion sont inexistentes.

“I love the way that you can put on a song that you know really well and hear what you liked about it and so much more besides, it makes me want to go back though my music collection.”

The Signature Tuned ARAY DIN cable is available in all the usual configurations, each one using Tuned ARAY technology to produce a range of DIN interconnects that throw a new light, not just on the performance of your system but more importantly on your music as well.  Used between source and pre-amp and pre and power amp as well, Signature Tuned ARAY interconnects simply open up the real performance of your system and let the music pour out.

There are all the things that a high fidelity system should do, but with an incredible musical intensity that will exhilarate and involve in equal measures.

Listen to the Signature Tuned ARAY DIN cables with:  Neil Young’s “Down by the River” – the drunken unsteady lurch of the rhythm and beautiful little touches of tremolo arm are quite wonderful.  This is the sound of a band playing together.

The cable

Chord Signature Tuned ARAY analogue interconnects all use the same unique conductor formation, developed for our flagship Sarum Tuned ARAY interconnects.

Each Signature conductor is built using high quality silver-plated conductors.  Insulation is PTFE and the shielding consists of two layers of high-density silver-plated braid that is effective over a very wide frequency range.  The shielding is covered with a white PTFE precision applied outer extrusion. Like Sarum, Signature Tuned ARAY cable is produced to extremely tight tolerances.


The plugs 

The Signature Tuned ARAY DIN cable is fitted with a specially adapted DIN plug.  This requires careful machining at the rear of the plug casing and a high degree of precision assembly during the build process.  The signal contacts are silver-plated and prior to the fitting of the machined plug casing, a PTFE layer is applied.

If the Signature Tuned ARAY DIN cable is in DIN to RCA or RCA to DIN configuration, Chord’s ultra low mass RCA plugs are used.  The silver-plated centre pin is set into a PTFE insulation block.  The low mass silver-plated shield/return connector is fitted and a PTFE layer applied, before the precision machined, vibration damping acrylic plug casing is fitted.  Our beautiful acrylic plug surrounds are individually machined for us by a British company that specialises in high precision acrylic parts for use in the medical industry.


Use it with

Do not underestimate the profound improvements to performance that Tuned ARAY technology brings.  The Signature Tuned ARAY is exceptionally transparent, both dynamically and particularly in terms of detail, timbre and pitch. This is an interconnect that can be used with almost any level of equipment and will deliver music with high levels of detail and an extraordinary level of cohesiveness.


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