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musical fidelity ams35 ampli de puissance 2x35w pure class a Agrandir

musical fidelity ams35 ampli de puissance 2x35w pure class a

Amplis de puissance haut de gamme Musical Fidelity

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The AMS35i pure Class A dual mono integrated amp is a music making machine..., simple as that. It’s a Musical Fidelity so it has excellent technical performance, we could go on for pages; describing its circuit configuration, internal layout, power supply configuration, distortion, noise etc. etc. blah blah blah blah. But that is not what the AMS35i is about. It’s about the music.

Listening to the AMS35i is a refreshing experience. You put on the music and listen, and listen, and listen. Then you think... where’s the faults? What’s the bass doing? What’s the treble doing? What’s the imaging like? And then you start listening to the  music again. The AMS35i draws you into the music, it’s almost hypnotic. Let’s just leave it at beguiling.

Only the music matters when you’re listening to the AMS35i. It projects the most beautiful believable and involving sound. Isn’t that what hi-fi is supposed to be about? The AMS35i pure Class A integrated amp is our offering to the pure music lovers of the world.

The AMS35i is a 35wpc pure Class A dual mono integrated amp with balanced inputs.

The AMS35i exists for music. Although it has excellent technical performance we would like to talk about its sound quality as that, in the final analysis, is all that really matters.

The AMS35i has an almost hypnotic and involving sound quality. When you listen to it you do just exactly that; listen to it. Somehow the usual hi-fi criteria (what’s the bass like, what’s the imaging like, is it grainy, is it harsh, is it dynamic... you know) just don’t occur to you.

The AMS35i’s magic is drawing you into the music so that you forget about hi-fi. The sound quality is silky and inviting. Bass is very extended, imaging is entirely natural and convincing.

Even the remote control is extra special. It is machined from a solid billet of aluminium. All the push buttons are also turned from solid aluminium.

The AMS35i seems to have an ideal combination of virtues. When you listen to it all that seems to be important is the music. Isn’t that what hi-fi is for?

The AMS35i is a pure Class A amplifier for the pure music lover.

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